Great minds think alike!


Once in a while, I truly come across saying great minds think a like.

While googling, I came across two impressive projects:

  1. Dave C. had done a Arduino/6502 project that connects 6502 to Arduino. He has bread-boarded a 6502 and emulates Apple-1. His project is better than mine because it runs faster (300kHz vs 165kHz RetroShield) but I might have beaten him by a few months because my first proto board was dated 10/16/2014 :) Of course, point is great minds think alike, lol. I sent him an email to say hi, and want to send him a board.

Dave C

  1. Before I decided on the name “RetroShield”, I googled it to make sure it wasn’t a known brand and/or not used before for Arduino, out of respect (and I don’t have money to fend off any lawsuits :). Since then I continued to search from time to time. This time I did a find a project Arduino related :) David Goodsell has built an Arduino tube-shield! Old school but great tubes :) I have to say it is more RetroShield than RetroShield :) I will email him and suggest we build an ENIAC shield for Arduino Mega Mega :)