How to Run gEDA tools on Windows 10


Updated if opengl is disabled in VcXsrv, then pcb-gtk & pcb-rnd seem to work fine.

I am able to run gschem and pcb on Windows 10 using Windows Linux Subsystem. Here are the steps I followed:

Install Windows Linux Subsystem

export DISPLAY=

Install X-Windows Server

Override high DPI scaling behavior

Install gEDA and PCB

Run Ubuntu shell and execute the following:

sudo apt install geda pcb pcb-rnd

Run gschem and pcb

To run these tools:

  1. Start VcXsrv server. Disable Native opengl in options.
  2. Start Ubuntu shell
  3. gschem or pcb

pcb-gtk had UI problems when opengl was enabled by default, so disable it when you run VcXsrv:



git is also available in Ubuntu shell but for some reason it can not clone publicly. It complained about access problems. I thought I had this problem earlier for another time and fixed it. Unfortunately, I don’t remember how I fixed it :(

For the time being, I’m using git under cmder to sync and Ubuntu shell to run gEDA tools. I know…