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erturkk at 8bitforce dot com

Growing up in 1980’s, I was impressed by two things: microprocessors and planes. I’m lucky enough to have made one career and the other my hobby.

I started on Oric Atmos and then upgraded to Commodore 64. I basically spent my youth on c64 (good or bad, but it helped me get my first job - thanks Hedley! :) I remember running code on the 1541 disk drive because how cool was that (turbo loaders, anyone?) After 2000, I got interested in 6809 and asked myself why I missed this very powerful 8-bit micro? Then there was the Z80, the cheap work horse of the industry.

Fast forward today, this website is a parking spot for my educational 8-bit projects, with the hope that others can taste the same and maybe carry things forward.

This website is dedicated to my parents, Neriman and Mehmet Kocalar. They bought our first computer, Oric Atmos 48K. I know it wasn’t an easy financial decision at that time.