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I uploaded two new Simon ROMs, version D1 and D1b. I found these files while I was preparing a new Simon. I'm just posting them so if anybody finds anything useful. (I'm shipping Simon6809 with D1b version).

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Simon says “hello world”

Last few weeks, I have been learning vhdl to port Simon6809 and Simon6809Turbo to altera fpga board, de1.

Here is the first run of the 6809 processor and simon6809 monitor code.

I borrowed the cpu from John Kent's website.

I'm not going to release the code yet because it is my first real vhdl coding.  so i don't want to embarrass myself.

One thing I realized is regular uart is WAAY slower than ftdi.

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I had to kill my original website anynewgizmos.com that was hosting Simon6809.

It was interesting to see a few people mention it and actually link to it.  So, here I bringing them back to life.

Well, I also have a surprise for you.  I have been working on its big brother, Simon6809_Turbo for a while.  I came to the point where it boots FLEX operating system from ramdisk, console over uart (ftdi).  the next step is to implement a FAT16 FS and boot from the sdio card directly.  the problem is I have too many projects going on right now.  any takers?

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Hello world!


I grew up in 1980’s Where computers took the whole world suddenly.  we were worried about artifical intelligence taking over, and then 1990’s and y2k problems.  good ol’ days.

I love 8-bit microprocessors.  this page is dedicated to 8-bit everything, including computers, music, art, lifestyle, anything you can think of.

I have been thinking about creating a website like this for a long time.

So, this is my very first posting.  It should give you an idea of what I like:

Kudos to rymdreglage.

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